Translation in French, English, Spanish, Chinese and more

Our agency (in Montreal or Toronto) translates all types of documents and guarantees you a faithful translation by translation professionals in the following fields: legal translationtechnical translationfinancial translation, business, medical translation, information technology and software, etc.

From our translation agencies in MontrealToronto and Calgary, we provide our clients with translations in Englishtranslations in Frenchtranslations in Spanishtranslations in Brazilian Portuguesetranslations in Chinese – more than 50 languages in total.  

For 15 years we have worked to offer you the best services at the best prices.

Interpretation Services

Our agency can also manage your interpreting events in French, English, Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and many more languages in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, and throughout Canada and the United States with our network of professional interpreters in Canada, the US, and abroad. We’re used to handling the details for simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, interpreting for meetings, conferences, medical visits, training sessions, and much more.

Subtitles, Dubbing, Voice-over

At our clients’ request, we have recently developed our business to include video subtitling and voiceovers and dubbing. We have put together a team of translators who specialize in translation for subtitles, as well as voice actors for in-studio recording of video voiceovers for product or service ads, company video presentations, and more.

Certified Translator

We also handle certified (official) translations of legal documents: diplomas and degrees, transcripts, birth certificates, passports, etc., whether you need them for immigration purposes, for your lawyer or for a Notary Public, or for court purposes.

Translation fields

Our professional translators specialize in the technical, legal and medical fields, and are also able to translate user manuals and websites.

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Our Most Recent Projects

English to French translation  of video game solutions for the general public (130,000 words)

Japanese to French translation  of patents in the energy field for a CAC 40 company (14,500 words)