Our Fields of Expertise

Our translation agency is at your service for all of your translation needs, regardless of the field of expertise (marketing, advertising, finance, medicine, law, etc.), the language (English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.), or the type of service (interpretation, layout and DTP, search engine optimization).

We customize our quotes to your specific needs and strive to find the best translator for your specific project by virtue of our large network of translators around the world.

Marketing and Advertising Translation

Translation in the fields of Marketing and Advertising requires a fundamental understanding of consumer activity and the vocabulary associated with this domain. Our translators have extensive professional experience in these fields[…] For more information

Legal Translation

Legal translation is a particularly specialized field in which one mistake or misinterpretation of a term could have serious consequences.

This is why we assign legal translations to translators who are experts in the field of law […] For more information

Technical and Industrial Translation

Technical translation requires three essential elements:

Financial Translation

Economic and financial translations encompass a wide variety of fields and document types, from stock exchange analyses to business communications, financial surveys and accounting records.

Our financial translators are also experts in this field[…] For more information

Leisure and Luxury Translation

The uniqueness of translations in the leisure and luxury industries lies in its poetic vocabulary. Translations in this field require a high level of expertise as well as the ability to recreate texts with a dual objective: […] For more information

Cosmetics Translation

In the cosmetics industry, appropriate technical and marketing vocabulary must be used in order to convince consumers of […] For more information

Medical Translation

Of all the areas of expertise, the medical field is perhaps the most challenging and difficult to understand, due to the subtle differences between the source and target languages, the syntactical difficulties […] For more information

Patent Translation

Because patents are not recognized internationally, translating them is necessary for any company that has foreign affiliates or wishes to export. […] For more information

Audiovisual Translation

We’ve put together a team of translators who are experts in the audiovisual industry (cinema, television, broadcasting, etc.) so we can meet all your translation needs for […] For more information

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