Audiovisual Translation

Specialized Audiovisual Translators

We’ve put together a team of specialized translators who are experts in the audiovisual industry (cinema, television, broadcasting, etc.) so that we can meet all your translation needs for:

  • Script translation
  • Synopsis translation
  • Storyboard translation
  • Subtitling
  • Dialogue transcription

Screenplay and Movie Script Translations

For the translation of television or movie scripts, our specialized audiovisual translators can do their translations in Final Draft format.

Subtitle Translation

Our team can also translate subtitles, which can be delivered to you in the format and font of your choice.

For video or documentary subtitle translation, see video subtitling.

Audiovisual Industry Contract Translation

In addition to specific audiovisual translation services, we can also translate:

  • Contracts, for which we’ll call on expert legal translators;
  • Commercial brochures done by marketing and advertising translators.




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