Cosmetics Translation

In the cosmetics industry, appropriate technical and marketing vocabulary must be used in order to convince consumers of a product’s value. Therefore, cosmetics translations need to be precise and use a specific vocabulary.

Specialized Cosmetics Translators and Interpreters

Our specialized cosmetics translators and interpreters can accurately translate your advertising tools or even your scientific documents:

  • Notices and technical files
  • Product labels
  • Websites and newsletters
  • Advertising materials and pamphlets
  • Catalogues
  • Sales documents and sales pitches
  • Scientific documents
  • Patents
  • Regulatory documents
  • Dossiers or press releases

We can translate your documents in almost any language: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

We are also offer layout services for your primary and secondary product packaging in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and many other languages.

List of our clients in Cosmetics

Cosmetics Translation 1Knowledge of the Cosmetics Industry

Knowledge of the industry — its codes, conventions, professions, terminology, regulations, etc. — is essential to producing quality documents. In an area as specialized and competitive as cosmetics, this knowledge is crucial for producing effective translations.

A Vocabulary Specific to Cosmetics

Each field uses a particular vocabulary that is based on scientific terminology.

The advertising tools used by cosmetic brands target dominant and specific markets and help to define the brand. These tools rely on scientific knowledge, practical selling points and pragmatic arguments, all of which need to be accurately and faithfully rendered in translation. It is a blend of poetry, science and a finely tuned sales pitch.

Our translators are also familiar with terms found in chemistry. For this reason, they will be able to find exact equivalents in any language to translate lists of cosmetic ingredients.


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