Leisure and Luxury Translation

The uniqueness of leisure and luxury translation is in its poetic vocabulary. Translations in this field require a high level of expertise as well as the ability to recreate texts with a dual objective: to respect original ideas and designs as well as the Brand universe, and to preserve the fluidity and poetic style of the text. Translations in this field are very exacting and layout is very meticulous; this entails using specific terminology.

History of Leisure and Luxury

The leisure and luxury industry has become accessible for a larger clientele and has seen considerable growth worldwide. It includes wines and spirits, fashion and leather goods, crystal glassworks, perfumery, ready-to-wear and haute couture, jewellery, high-end hotels, timepieces, shoes, works of art, cosmetics, and porcelain.

Leisure and Luxury Marketing

There are thus specific marketing strategies that must be followed for each region of countries that are culturally, climatically, and socially similar. Marketers generally take into consideration environmental differences that have an impact on the use of their products. Businesses in the leisure and luxury industry are looking to have the perfect offer for each of their markets.

Examples of leisure and luxury translations that we offer:


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