Working Visas for Canada

With its competitive companies and high quality of life, Canada attracts many workers.

There are two types of programs for workers:

  • Skilled worker program (Express entry)
  • Quebec experience program (PEQ) for skilled temporary foreign workers

For these programs, we will put you in contact with immigration lawyers who speak Chinese, Farsi, Persian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Hebrew, French or English.

Skilled worker program (Express entry)

Skilled immigrants are selected to settle in Canada and contribute to the country’s economy. Canadian immigration services will assess your capacity to economically integrate into Quebec.


  • Experience performing skilled work (at least 10 years, paid, same type of position, etc.);
  • Language skills (French or English);
  • Secondary or postsecondary diploma;
  • Proof of adequate funds;
  • Intention to live outside of the province of Quebec.

Quebec experience program (PEQ) for skilled temporary foreign workers

An accelerated selection process for obtaining permanent residency.


  • Intend to settle in Quebec and hold a job;
  • Have stayed in Quebec temporarily with the aim of working there;
  • Be in Quebec legally;
  • Have held a full-time position for at least 12 of the 24 months preceding the date the application is submitted;
  • Hold a full-time position in an executive, professional or technical capacity at the time the application is submitted;
  • Spoken knowledge of French (intermediate/advanced level).

Our translation agency offers services to assist you in your visa application procedures. We can translate your official documents for your application that are required by the CIC/IRCC and are not in English or French. We can translate your passport, marriage certificate, rental contract, medical certificate, diploma, etc. Our translators are certified and therefore provide certified translations.

We can also provide you the services of immigration lawyers who speak your language. They will be able to accompany you throughout the process to assist you in assembling your application. We offer these services at competitive rates.

Over the years, we have developed a large network of professionals, allowing us to offer you certified translation services in English or in French from the following languages: Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Farsi, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Persian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Hebrew.

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