Canada Investor Visa

Canada has an immigration program for investors to attract experienced individuals to contribute to the country’s growth..

We offer support services for the “investor visa” in Chinese, Farsi, Persian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Hebrew, French and English.

Investors must:

  • Have a net worth of at least C$1,600,000;
  • Invest C$800,000;
  • Have business experience

Each year, many families benefit from this visa, and their numbers are only increasing.
The investor visa:

  • Allows you to make an investment that will be returned in full 5 years later by the Government of Quebec.
  • Has no requirement for language level;
  • Allows your family to benefit from your application and your status;
  • Gives you access, as a permanent resident, to the same social benefits as Canadian citizens;
  • Makes it possible for you to acquire a Canadian passport.


Our agency offers translation services to assist you in assembling your application for the immigration program as well as the services of immigration lawyers who speak your language.

We can translate documents required by the CIC/IRCCC that are not in English or in French, so that you will be able to acquire your investor visa. Our translators provide certified translations of your official documents (passport, birth certificate, family record book, bank statement, adoption papers, etc.).

We also work in collaboration with other professionals. In order to assist you throughout the application process, we can direct you to a competitively priced immigration lawyer who speaks your language. This service will make your application process easier.

Link to CIC or IRCC: