Interpretation Equipment Rental

The success of your event depends on the quality and reliability of the interpreters, who are themselves dependent on the sound quality and the reliability of the audio transmission. To this end, we provide quality equipment rental services to meet your simultaneous and consecutive interpretation needs, whether in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, or anywhere else in Canada.


The equipment we offer includes soundproof interpretation booths (soundproof booths or tabletop booths), interpreter consoles, receivers/headsets for the audience, microphones and transmitters. Technicians can be required for booth installation and sound engineers ensure that your event runs smoothly.


Interpretation booths, consoles, mixers, headsets, microphones, etc.


Interpretation booth 1For your conferences or meetings, it may be necessary to have soundproof interpretation booths (for each target language), interpreter consoles, mixers, an audio transmission system, and headset receivers and microphones for the interpreters and audience.


Our material offers excellent sound quality for both interpreters and the audience. You can rent booths, microphones, and headsets. Our booths are soundproof and allow interpreters, often in teams of two, to work in the best possible environment.

Interpretation booth 2 Tri-lingual boothThe booth’s glass wall allows the interpreters to follow the event: they provide a live translation, using a microphone, of the speech they hear; the translation is immediately transmitted to the audience through their headsets. The booths must meet ISO 4043 regulations (for fixed booths) or ISO 2063 (for portable booths). They must be soundproof and equipped with a silent ventilation system to allow for the best communication possible as well as a comfortable listening experience for the audience.

Portable interpretation equipment

For small groups or guided tours, we also provide portable systems: the interpreter is equipped with a microphone, and each audience member has a headset. The equipment allows the group to move, making it ideal for guided tours.

For factory tours or in settings with limited space, we recommend Portable interpretation equipment (PTX).

Portable interpretation equipment Carry Case Portable interpretation equipment Participant Portable interpretation equipment Interpreter


Tabletop booths are easily transportable, but are not fully soundproof because they are not completely closed. These booths are placed directly on a table.


The installation and use of this type of lighter equipment does not necessarily require a technician, and the cost is lower compared to the rental of heavier equipment.


Portable interpretation equipment transmitter Portable interpretation equipment Mic

Portable interpretation equipment receiverPortable interpretation equipment folding headphones    Portable interpretation equipment Digital receiver

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