Interpreter in the United States

Interpretation in the United States

Thanks to our network of interpreters and translators in the US, we can provide interpretation services during your business trips in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Houston, and more.

Our qualified interpreters have valuable experience in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Whatever the nature of your business trips to the US (conferences, conventions, meetings, trade shows, etc.), our professional interpreters are ready to help, in every language: from French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, etc. to English. Whatever language you need, trust us with your interpretation needs in the US so that language barriers won’t be an obstacle.

By precisely rendering the essential information of your speech, an interpreter will allow you to communicate effectively with your clients internationally.

We offer the following types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation (the interpreter’s voice talks over the speaker’s voice)
  • Consecutive Interpretation (the interpreter translates at regular intervals as the speaker pauses)
  • Liaison Interpretation (the interpreter helps facilitate communication between many people speaking different languages)
  • Whispered Interpretation (the interpreter whispers the translation into the listener’s ear)

We can also provide interpretation material such as headsets and sound booths.

All Over The United States

Our interpreters are spread out all over the United States to help you translate all your services effectively, whatever the location.

Our interpreters are available in the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Houston, and even more. Our interpreters translate and adapt your speech for an American audience.

Quality Service

Every interpreter is specialized in a specific domain and will therefore know the vocabulary relating to the subject of your presentation. Our interpreters are skilled in business, legal, and scientific interpretation.

A preliminary meeting with your interpreter will allow you to define all the aspects of the service by exchanging material and discussing the subject, important details and strategic points. This meeting will ensure you receive quality service.

Get an Estimate

To provide you with a comprehensive interpretation quote, we will need the following information:

  • Source and target languages
  • Date and duration of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Subject matter of the event
  • Nature of the service (simultaneous or consecutive interpretation)
  • Number of participants expected at the event