Chinese Search Engine Optimisation

After the translation process, SEO must be done in order to secure your website’s position in this vast and expanding market. Almost all Chinese internet users surf the internet in Chinese, and these users are completely inaccessible if SEO is not properly implemented.

Why Get Chinese SEO Done for Your Website?

With a population of more than 1.3 million, which could reach 1.4 million by 2015, and an ever rapidly booming economy, there seem to being endless opportunities for growth in China. The vast Chinese population is reason enough to make your website available in Mandarin and other Chinese languages.

The current internet penetration is only about 10% (almost 130 million internet users), but it is rapidly growing. Considering the increasing number of Chinese internet users, it is only a matter of time before Chinese becomes the dominant language on the internet, creating infinite business opportunities.

Chinese Search Engines

As the number of Chinese internet users continues to grow, it is clear that the earlier you decide to join the Chinese market, the more successful your business will be.

Translating your website into Chinese is only but the first step in becoming a part of the Chinese market.

SEO Services Offered by Asiatis

Asiatis offers affordable, professional and high-quality SEO services with effective monitoring and follow-up to help you win a share in global markets and achieve international success.

Our SEO services include:

  1. Structural optimisation of your website: Asiatis brings years of experience to website structure and code improvement. We make websites easily accessible by major search engines.
  2. Easier site navigation for users: Asiatis will optimise your pages so that your website is easy to use and that Chinese users can have direct access to the pages they are searching.
  3. Pagerank (PR) improvement for your site: with SEO, search engines will identify your website’s PR and its ranking will thus certainly go up.
  4. Multilingual search engine optimisation: Asiatis offers multilingual SEO services thanks to its international network of SEO professionals specialising in each language.
  5. Accounts management Google application: our team in China has mastered payment advertising technology per click on Google Adwords over the past few years. We are able to run a campaign for your company if you so wish.
  6. Forms and reports: our SEO team will follow strict work procedures and will provide you with reports in English, as well as detailed descriptions of the progress being made in each step throughout the process.


We offer SEO services for the following major Chinese search engines:

More information on the major Chinese search engines

Baidu (No.1)

translation chinese search engine optimization baidu

The Chinese can be proud of their native search engine. The incredible evolution of this engine since its creation makes it a true legend in the Chinese internet sector. Recognized for its ease of use and speed of development, the Baidu search engine has now become indispensable.


translation chinese search engine optimization tencent

This search engine is primarily used by QQ users (instant messaging system).


translation chinese search engine optimization sinaRanked among the most efficient internet portals in China.

translation chinese search engine optimization

Google in Chinese; however, it is less used than in the West. by NetEase

translation chinese search engine optimization youdao

Professional search engine created in 2007 by NetEase.

translation quote estimate chinese search engine optimization