Japanese Search Engine Optimisation

Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the technology sector. Not taking its market into consideration would make achieving international success impossible. Numerous companies have ensured their growth thanks to their presence in the Japanese market.

Approximately 70 million internet users speak Japanese, and it is this very language that has currently experienced the biggest boom on the Internet. It is the second most-used language on the internet after English.

Furthermore, the Japanese are the least reluctant people towards business on the internet. Unfortunately, all of these potential clients will remain unavailable if you do not communicate with them in Japanese.

The number of Japanese internet users is continuously increasing, and more and more companies are operating in Japanese. Search engine optimisation is thus becoming an essential component of an effective internet marketing strategy. Optimisation is the number one priority of 40% of Japanese businesses; consequently, every business that wants to actively position itself in the Japanese market should adopt the same optimisation strategy.

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Your decision to extend activities to Japan represents a major economic opportunity for your business. Its success, however, depends entirely on your ability to conquer the Japanese market.

Not to worry: Asiatis can help you.

Search Engine Optimization Services Offered by Asiatis

We offer professional, high-quality optimisation services with effective monitoring and follow-up.

You no longer have to wait to be a part of the global market and achieve international success.

In Japan, we offer search engine optimisation services for:


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