How to Make Changes in a PDF

To make changes to a translation in PDF format, please follow the steps below:

Download this free software PDF Xchange Viewer

You can download it free here

Revision of a document 

You can then easily make changes, add notes, etc.

Step 1: Use the Pencil Tool

Click on Tools / Comment and Markup Tools / Pencil Tool

utiliser outil crayon pdf

Step 2: Cross Out Text

Click on Tools / Comment and Markup Tools / Cross Out Text Tool

Left-click your cursor and run it over the text you want to cross out. When you release the left-click, the highlighted text will have a red line through it.

barrer du texte dans un pdf

Step 3: Add a Text Box

To insert a comment or change, double-click on the red cross-out line; a text box will appear linked to the crossed-out text.

faire un commentaire dans un pdf

Step 4: Type in Your Comment

Simply type in the comment or change you want made.

écrire un commentaire dans un pdf

Other Comment and Markup Tools

Sticky Note Tool

outil note dans un pdf

Highlight Text Tool

outil surligneur dans un pdf