Diploma Translation, academic transcript translation

Translation of diplomas or transcript in English or French

English, French Certified Translation of Academic Records

Continuing Studies:

If you have a certificate, diploma, degree, or academic transcript that you need translated into English for your application to an Anglophone university in Canada or the United States, or if your academic records are from another country (Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, latin, etc.) and you need them translated into French or English to study in Canada or to have them recognized in Canada, our certified translators in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver can provide you with an official, stamped translation of your records.

Registration in a U.S. University or in an Anglophone University in Canada

If you have a Canadian or foreign diploma written in a language other than English, you are required to have it translated in order to apply to a university in the United States. Upon applying in the US, universities ask to see the originals as well as the corresponding certified translations. You are also required to present your transcript and their official translation. The goal is to ensure that the student’s level of education is satisfactory.

We offer this translation service from French to English, as well as in many other languages (European languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish; Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean; as well as Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.).

Title or Diploma Recognition When Job Searching:

Permanently settling in Canada and looking for a job implies having the value of the studies you have completed recognized. One of the steps in the diploma recognition process is certified translation. Our certified translators will accurately translate your diploma, being sure to respect your deadline.

Quotes for certified/official translations of diplomas or transcripts

Important: For all quote requests, please send us a scan or clear picture of your diploma and/or transcript and we will answer you within the hour.

We will send you a quote specifying the rate and the turnaround time needed to complete the project. Payments can be made online via PayPal with Visa or MasterCard credit cards or interac.


For the translation of diplomas in Latin to English from McGill, please check this page.