Francization: the “Francize Your Company” program

Government subsidies for the francization of your company

Grants for internet, intranet or extranet translations

Would you like to have a completely bilingual website, but you’re not sure about investing in a translation? Don’t hesitate any longer: the government of Quebec is offering you a grant!

A simple and effective process – a big step for the promotion of French in Quebec!

French is the official language of Quebec. For this reason, the Government of Quebec considers its preservation very important and has decided to offer you the possibility to francize your company.

We provide the translation, Quebec finances a part of it, and you get to communicate in French! A French translation is a sign of respect for your Quebecois clients, evidence of the integration of their values and the beginning of a trusting relationship.

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How Francization Grants Work

In the case of a company that employs between 50 and 99 people, the financial contribution of the Government will cover a maximum of 50% of eligible expenditure, and up to $50,000 per company.

In the case of a company that employs between 11 and 49 people, this percentage could be a maximum of 75%, and up to $50,000 per company.

Eligible Expenditure

  1. Fees for translating pages of a web, intranet or extranet site, by one skilled person, preferably belonging to a professional association.
  2. The purchase of screen generator software, enabling the web, intranet or extranet site content to be francized, as well as fees for installation.

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