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Brief History of the Romanian Language

Romanian is the native language of approximately 24 million people and is spoken by more than 30 million people living primarily in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. They are referred to as Roumanophones by linguists. Also known as Daco-Romanian in linguistics, the language is officially called Romanian in Romanian and Moldovan in the Republic of Moldova (limba moldovenească /’limba moldove’ne̯askə).

Although the vast majority of people speak Romanian in these two countries, there are also other linguistic minority communities. Indeed, the population remains multiethnic, even if native Romanians represent more than 90% of the population and speak the language. Romanian speakers hold the majority in Bucharest and in 39 of its 41 counties. However, they only have the 50-80% majority in the following counties: Bihor, Cluj, Mureş, Satu Mare and Sălaj. Roumanophones represent less than 50% of the population in the following to counties: Harghita (14.1 %) and Covasna (23.2 %).

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