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Our specialized medical translators regularly translate documents in the medical field: medical reports, results and analyses, medical and scientific articles for publication, in French, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish etc

We regularly work for :

  • Hospitals: for medical articles or medical studies for publication, translation of patients’ medical records (results, analyses, etc.)
  • Laboratories: presentations, brochures for new drug launches, translation of studies and results, etc.
  • Medical equipment manufacturers: translation of commercial documents, commercial presentations for doctors and dentists, translations related to medical equipment, including technical and marketing or sales-oriented documentation
  • Patients: translation of medical files to be sent to a specialist abroad for file review and for patients seeking treatment abroad.

Our clients for the medical translation

We offer medical translation English to French, Japanese medical translation, medical translation English to Chinese, English to Japanese medical translation, German medical translation, medical English to Spanish translation.

Medical Translator

In addition to linguistic expertise, medical and scientific translations require a specific methodology when it comes to research.


Particularities of Translating in the Medical Field

Medical Translator Medicine Pharmaceuticals PharmacyOf all the areas of expertise, the medical field is perhaps the most challenging and difficult to understand due to the subtle differences between the source and target languages, the syntactical difficulties , etc in French English Japanese Chinese German Spanish.

Medical Translation : the Importance of Terminology

The medical field is characterized by the importance of its terminology: the smallest translation error can have serious repercussions for patients, end users of medical equipment and medical professionals.
That’s why Asiatis works exclusively with translators specializing in the medical field and residing in the country where the medical product is being used or is intended to be used.

Medical Translation Quotes

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