Patent Translation

Because patents are not recognized internationally, translating them is necessary for any company that has foreign affiliates or wishes to export.

Asiatis can translate your patents so that they are appropriate for the targeted country.

Specialized Patent Translators

Our specialized patent translators are able to translate a patent itself, as well as all of the documents that are needed to create a patent:

  • Research reports
  • Objection procedure reviews
  • Clinical research protocol
  • Clinical trial results

Patent Translation

A patent symbolizes a right to intellectual property. It is the right that you are given by the government that allows you to protect your inventions from any sort of plagiarism in terms of manufacturing, use or sale of the inventions.

Patents are not internationally recognized, but are limited to a single given territory and state. Your patent request could be valid in multiple states (particularly in the European Union); all it takes is an automated translation of your patent in agreement with partnering states. In the end, you will have as many national patents as the number of countries in which your patent is protected.

Today, the majority of businesses are established regionally or even internationally. Having a patent in multiple languages has thus become necessary. Thanks to our specialized patent translators, you will be able to have your patents translated regardless of their domain or language.

For additional information on patent translation by country, please refer to the EPO website:

London Protocol

In October 2000, the European Patent Office drafted an agreement allowing patents filed in English, German or French to be valid all over Europe.

In 2000, 7% of the patents filed in Europe were in French, 18% in German, and 80% in English.

Patents for Inventions

Patents are always written in a particular style and must contain specific information. For this reason, you will need the services of a specialized translator if you need to have your patents translated.


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