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gouvernement_canada If you’re applying to the government of Canada for permanent resident status, or if you are looking for passport translation canadian citizenship, you’ll need a certified translation of anything in your passport that is neither in English nor in French. Our certified translators can provide you with an official translation of your passport stamps and your visas, from any language (Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, etc.) into English or French. These official translations will include the sworn or certified translator’s declaration, signature, and stamp.

passport translation canadian citizenship

Here are the steps to follow:



1- Send us a copy/scan

The first thing you’ll need to do is provide us with a copy/scan of your entire passport by: -bringing it to us in person, at our Montreal office (422 Laurier Avenue, East) -mailing it to us, to our Montreal office (Asiatis Canada, 422 av. Laurier Est, Montreal QC, H2J 1E5) -emailing it to us at

When you send us the copies/scans of your passport, please make sure to include all the passport pages containing stamps and visas that are not in English or French, as well as the pages containing your personal information (usually the first pages of your passport).

2- Include the completed form

To ensure the accuracy of the translation, to avoid potential name spelling mistakes, and to generally make the process easier, we’ve made a simple form for you to fill out. You just need to

– Download the document in Word format

-Fill out the form – make sure you complete all fields marked required -Save the data -E-mail us the completed form at, or fax it to us at 1866-395-8561

You can also print the document, fill it out manually, and mail it to us or bring it in person at our Montreal office (422 Laurier Avenue East)

3-Request a free quote

You will be asked to provide:

a) the number of passports

b) the number of stamps to translate (Please note: All stamps and visas must be translated, regardless of the date. See the document at the bottom of the page.)

c) the number of visas to translate

d) information on whether you want us to mail you the translation by regular mail ($10, can take anywhere between 2 to 10 business days), or by Xpress Post ($25, can take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days) or Purolator (next business day)

e) information on whether you want extra copies or not, and if so, how many.

Our email :

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